I read an article on Yahoo News about the Philippines launching anonline disaster hotspots map that is geared especially for flood and landslide prone areas not just in Metro Manila but also in different parts of the country.  The article also said that the online geo-hazard map covers more than 1,600 municipalities nationwide, and will allow not just local governments and real estate developers but more importantly individuals to check whether their properties are in danger zones, like if they are located in flood prone areas or in landslide prone locations.

The Philippines online disaster hotspots map and website has been in the works since about 2006 but the urgency of the task was made clear only after tropical storm Ketsana or locally known as Ondoy struck the Philippines a few years ago, bringing with it massive flooding and landslides. Ketsana or Ondoy dumped a month of rainfall in six hours, sent floods rampaging across Metro Manila and much of Luzon. It dumped the heaviest rains in 40 years, triggering a humanitarian crisis that affected up to 10 million Filipinos and the lost of millions of dollars in properties.


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Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, chair of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said that “We can all avoid turning into hapless victims by becoming aware and knowledgeable of what to do in times of disasters” and that is why I am writing this article.

As I read the article from Yahoo News, I wanted to know if the place that I live in is in flood prone area so that before any tropical storm comes I can be prepared if I am indeed located in a flood prone area or be rest assured if I am not. As I finished reading the article I wanted to know the link to the Philippine online disaster hotspots map so that I can access it and find out if I am in a flood prone area but the problem is that it was not included in the article. It was a good article but it was missing a very important thing which was the link to the map and website. I have to research Google and go thru a number of websites that simply republished the article from Yahoo News until I found the Philippine online disaster hotspots website and map. Just click on the link above and it will forward you to the Philippines online disaster hotspots map.

If you are located outside Metro Manila just click on the link: Philippines online disaster hotspots map and website and it will forward you to Geo-hazards Mapping and Assessment Program of the DENR-MGB.  The Defense Secretary also said that a disaster risk management program of the government involved not only rescue and relief operations, but also included being prepared for risks which involves mapping out areas that are flood-prone, improving weather forecasting, placing rescue and relief assets close to likely evacuation sites, and preserving the environment.

Tropical storms, landslides, floods and maritime disasters killed nearly 2,000 people across the Philippines last year. Some of these disasters could have been prevented if not lessened by simply preparing for it and by using the information and tools that we have to take the right action.

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Philippine Online Disaster Hotspots Map
Philippines has launched an online disaster hotspots map and website that is geared especially for flood and landslide prone areas.