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We have been receiving a number e-mails from our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and even some e-mails from the families and relatives of OFWs  asking for us for assistance in helping them get their loved ones repatriated to the Philippines. Some of the OFWs who wrote to us are in dire need of help and they simply need to go back home to the Philippines. Some of them have been abused by their employers, some have not been paid or their salaries have been put on hold due to a number of reasons. Some even have their passport taken away from them. There are those who are in the middle of conflicts and wars who really need immediate help.

In this regards and in the mission of GLOBALOFW.COM to help our Overseas Filipino Workers and the families and loved ones of our OFWs we are providing tips to OFWs and their families a guide on how to get in touch with the POEA repatriation unit so that whenever OFWs and their families need help in getting repatriated or there’s a need to send our OFWs back home they can simply get in touch with the POEA in a fast and efficient way.

Coming Home For OFWs who needs help getting repatriated or families of OFWs who needs their loved ones repatriated please follow these steps:


1. Pls. provide THE COMPLETE FULL NAME INCLUDING THE MIDDLE NAME, the deploying agency  if you have agency or employer, date of deployment, Specific job site/country, contact no and also your contact nos., and complaint. Please directly communicate with the POEA if they are or if you are requesting to be sent home.


2. Contact the Repatriation Unit, Adjudication Office

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

3rd Floor, Ople Building, Edsa cor Ortigas Avenue

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Tel/Fax: (00632) 723-6505


3.  Simply can download the OFW Repatriation Form – just click the word

and provide the necessary details to the POEA so that they can help you as soon as possible and send it the POEA e-mail address indicated in the OFW Repatriation Form.

It is our mission here in GLOBALOFW.COM to help our our heroes, our OFWs anywhere they maybe in the world and also their families. If you know an OFW who is in dire need of help please share this article either thru Facebook, Twitter or simply direct them to GLOBALOFW.COM. You can also like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GLOBALOFW to help share the information.

Let us help our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and help spread the word on how to help them.


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